Eco-Fashion Activewear – German Brands Making a Difference

Get to know the German brands that are making a difference in the world.

I know you are hiding those yoga pants under the table while you are on the phone with your boss. The ones you wear all the time. How will we ever wear anything other than our comfortable clothes?

Will you swap your comfy pants for suits, pantyhose, and heels?

Not after finding sustainable and ethical brands. I will not.

Eco Fashion Without the Environmental Impact

The companies try to choose the best quality materials. Without a negative impact on the environment.

These brands advocate a conscious way of shopping and are inspiring others. High quality and timeless garments can last years. Instead of trendy items ending up in the trash after the season is over.

They are at the forefront of ethical fashion tie dye yoga clothes. They have cool collections.

This isn’t a paid ad. I only write about brands that I like.

Designer Brands Making a Statement

Photo courtesy of OGNX Activewear

OGNX is a brand that brings attention to fair and sustainable fashion with focus on high quality materials.

Fair working conditions are what they value. Fair pricing should be accessible to all. OGNX uses materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled polyamide.

There are bras, T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, jumpsuits, and accessories for both men and women. It is free to ship in Germany.

OGNX wants to realize a vision of a modern lifestyle in harmony with nature through sustainable clothing that puts as little strain on our planet as possible

Photo courtesy of MANDALA

The brand was founded in 2001 by Nathalie Prieger. Her desire for fashion and sense for aesthetic make her a pioneer in the fair fashion industry. It’s in the area of printed leggings.

Fair, because these products are manufactured in Turkey and in their own textile factory in China, where high regard for workers is a priority.

Textile made from recycled plastic bottles is sustainable. Natural fibers and recycled materials are used by fashion brands.

Prices average from 49 – 119 EUR.

There are yoga bras, yoga shorts/pants, sweatpants, T-shirts and more for women.

Website is in English & German

Store in Munich: Pestalozzistraße 21 80469 München

They inform about teacher trainings.

A conscious and respectful treatment of nature is appreciated.

It was founded on the idea of sustainable production. Fair working conditions are important. They work with an experienced partner in Nepal. The studios where employees work are well-equipped. The visits are made to make sure conditions are met.

Cotton, wool and natural resources are used in the production of goods. Chemicals, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds were not utilized. Standard 100 is the only skin and environment friendly dyes used.

Prices average from 20 – 99 EUR.

There are yoga pants, jumpsuits, sweaters, dresses and more for men and women.

The website is dedicated to selling eco- fashion.

The economic build-up of Nepal will be helped by us.

Photo by courtesy of MAGADI

Magadi is a local German fashion label that produces sportswear for women.

In accordance with the principle of local economy, sustainable collections are produced in select manufacturing plants. They believe in protecting the environment.

PES is a synthetic fibre that comes from plastic bottles and old clothes. During production, recycled materials are spun into fibers. This avoids waste and reduces dependence. Toxic emissions from waste incineration plants can be reduced.

A digital printing company in Germany prints fabrics. Conventional screen printing uses more water than the printing process does. Less dye is used. Even after frequent wear, fabrics are pilling resistant and keep their shape.

Prices average from 39 – 89EUR.

Lounge wear for women is one of the products.

Website is in English & German.

MAGADI combines a timeless and conscious lifestyle with pure luxury.

Giulia started a German label for active women. Every design is made ethically.

Giulia wanted to stop the problem of plastic waste. recycled polyester is used to make leggings and sports bras. They use recycled and organic cotton. Material grown without using toxic chemicals.

There are products for women.

Website is in English & German.

It’s perfect for a workout and it’s durable too. A mammal.

Photo by courtesy of Nice To Meet Me

The brand was co-founded by two people. There is a collection of colorful men and women’s clothes. The cotton, tencel, and recycled fibres are organic. Fair conditions are met in the workshop where they manufacture their collection.

The cotton used is OEKO-Tex certified.

The prices are on their sales items.

Products for women and men include bras, tops and pants.

Customer service is available in English on the website.

Innovative Designs

The brands are always trying to source innovative and sustainable materials.

I am sure you will find a piece that fits your look.

It is good to be aware of how clothing is made and where it ends up, even if I don’t advocate replacing your entire wardrobe. I’m sure this will lead you to make more conscious decisions.

Will you retire your clothes?

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