Ea The Next Publisher To Be Acquired After Activision: The Opinion Of The Financial Times

With Activision-Blizzard joining Microsoft Gaming, we have had the proof that even the most important publishers in the gaming industry can lose their independence to join the gaming platform holder families.

Of course, not everyone has the financial resources of a technology giant like Microsoft, but the impression is that other important publishers could eventually be acquired by the giants in the gaming industry.

That is at least the opinion of the Financial Times’ managers, that it is not about itself, but about when other gaming companies will be bought by Sony, Amazon, Microsoft itself and so on.

After the resounding Activision-Blizzard case, Electronic Arts will be the next great publisher to be incorporated into an even larger company, according to the Financial Times forecast. EA has a market value of 38 billion and can rely on some of the most important franchises in the sector, including FIFA, The Sims, Apex Legends, and Star Wars (despite the latter being now managed by other companies too).

Imagine an acquisition by Sony seems pretty risky, considering the EA market cap, yet the Financial Times believes that the Japanese company could be “in the research phase to enrich its portfolio of exclusives.” The financial header does not exclude that the transaction can be completed by other big names in the tech industry such as Amazon, Google or even Netflix, which in recent years has begun to look out over the gaming world.

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