E3 2022: The Digital Event Could Also Have Been Deleted

The new wave of infection and the renewed global health instability convinced the Entertainment Software Assosiaction (ESA) to cancel plans to bring the Electronic Entertainment Expo back to Los Angeles and opt for a The situation, however, could be much more critical.

The first to be suspicious of ESA’s statements was Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, who on 7 January last played the dead bell for E3 saying that the Covid had no role in the “It’s simply the E3 that throws the towel,” explained the well-known reporter.

Today, to throw gasoline on the fire, another well-known face of the videogaming press, Jeff Grubb, has thought that the digital event of E3 2022 may have already been deleted by ESA. The journalist is not entirely certain, in fact he used the word “probably,” however the information in his possession outlines what is expected to be a “confusionary” video play summer. According to him, Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest 2022 may have “assimilated” a lot of things, while other publishers are preparing to do their own thing by organizing events on their own. In such a scenario, a digital E3 could have little sense of existence.

We would like to reiterate that there is nothing certain at the moment, even Grubb himself has not shown himself to be absolutely certain, so we prefer to remain waiting for an official communication from ESA.

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