Dying Light Is Eternal: Santa Claus Goes Hunting Zombies In The Holiday Event

After showing Dying Light’s cinematic trailer at TGA 2021, Techland plunges into the Dying Light horror universe once again to invite Harran explorers to participate in the latest, the

The new phase of the game opened by Polish developers allows users to temporarily enhance the skills of their alter-ego, for example by improving the impact of the blows inflicted with white weapons and reducing the damage from falling.

There will also be challenges for the community, for example, about the reduction of zombies with fists or the launch of enemies from the rooftops of Harran’s palaces and the expansion of Dying Light’s The Following. All the activities planned by Techland will keep us company until the last days of December, with a set of events that will be updated from time to time to give fans regular access to special items, rare equipment, skills boosters and custom

Without lingering further, we leave you to the video presentation of the Christmas event of Dying Light and, for the occasion, we remind you that, the next act of the epic horror of Techland, Dying Light 2, is

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