Dying Light 2: When Will The Gameplay Be Shown On Ps4 And Xbox One? Techland Talks About It

Despite the interest aroused by the latest 15-minute video of Dying Light 2 for PC and nextgen consoles, many wonder if the version for PS4 and Xbox One will be equally immersive and “reliable.” The Techland Community Manager, Uncy, recently intervened in this regard.

In one of his latest social messages, the Polish development representative took the opportunity to wish Dying Light fans a happy birthday and explain to them that Techland will soon show the last-gen editions of the second chapter.

As Uncy himself on Twitter points out, “we plan to show the gameplay of the old-generation console version soon because we know perfectly how important it can be for our players. I can’t share any specific dates yet, but you can expect the gameplay of Dying Light 2 on PS4 and Xbox One to be shown in January.”

With the release of Dying Light 2 scheduled on all platforms for February 4, the hope of millions of players who own a last-gen console is obviously to watch the gameplay of the version that will be available on PlayStation 4 as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we invite you to read the report of our latest Dying Light 2 trial between fighting and parkour.

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