Dying Light 2: Techland Has Been Acquired? No, It’s Just A Joke.

As you will know, this afternoon has been officially announced the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft, which has amazed all the bigs of the video gaming industry. Even Dying Light 2 creators have posted a funny message on social media that ironifies the story.

Here is the nice shared message on the social channels of the software house:

“Breaking news: Techland has been acquired! Tolga and Fatin have acquired Techland, the Polish company. The businessmen in question concluded the transaction by paying with 10 power cables and 10 rolls of insulating tape, the reasons for the gesture remain unknown.”

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, Tolga and Fatin are two crazy twins that can be met during the first Dying Light, on one of the many secondary missions. It is therefore a bizarre message shared by Techland only to joke about today’s big event and to snatch a smile to the most loyal fans of the series in view of the arrival of the second chapter. We remind you that Dying Light 2 will be available on 5 February on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Waiting for the game to reach the shelves, please note that on our pages you can find details on the weight of the PS5 version of Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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