Dying Light 2: Preorder From Gamelife With Psn Charging Included At A Super Price

Gamelife launches an interesting new bundle dedicated to Dying Light 2 that will allow you to buy the game for PS4 and PS5 along with a PlayStation Store charge worth 20 euros at a really affordable price.

Only from Gamelife, Dying Light 2 for PS4 or PS5 with 20 euro PSN charging is available in pre-order at the price of 71 euros, the chain recalls that for this promotion “You can purchase only one piece per customer. Any orders not complying with the restrictions cannot be accepted and will be refunded.”

By booking Dying Light you will also receive the preorder Reload and Reach For The Sky bonus, two DLC packages that include the following extra content in-game use:

Reload Costume

Skin Reload weapon

Skin paragliding Reload

Reach For The Sky costume for Lawan

Skin paragliding Reach For The Sky for Lawan and Aiden

Reach For The Sky backpack for Lawan and Aiden

Balestra Reach For The Sky

Initially expected for December 2021, Dying Light 2 will arrive on February 4, 2022 on all major platforms, the Gamelife offer is valid only for PlayStation versions and the PSN charging can only be spent on Play

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