Dying Light 2, News Coming Up On Gameplay And Content: Here Is The Date Of The Last Event

Back from Dying Light 2 City with the 4K Ray Tracing video in DLSS, Techland’s guys set the date for the last in-depth video before the launch of their highly anticipated open-world horror.

Episode 6 of the Dying2Know video series should be the classic appointment that is essential for all fans, depending on the information that will be shared by the Polish software house before the marketing of the title, scheduled for February 4 on

The last video in-depth, in fact, should offer us a summary of the rich launch content and let us peek through the folds of the play experience with a new video gameplay. It is not clear, however, whether this is the opportunity Techland has chosen to show the PS4 and Xbox One version of Dying Light 2 with the video promised by representatives of the European development company.

To find out, we just have to wait until 9pm on Thursday 13 January to watch the sixth and last episode of the Dying2Know series, but first we invite you to read our latest special Dying Light 2 between fights and

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