Dying Light 2, How Does It Run On Old-Gen? Xbox One Version Will Be Shown Soon

During the last episode of the title, Techland’s team offered the public the opportunity to take a fleeting look at the PS4 and Xbox One X versions of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

A simple taste, but that has had the merit of offering some first guarantees regarding what will be the performances and the quality of the work on the consoles of the past generation. However, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Pro versions of Dying Light 2: Stay Human were missing, with the latter showing – as mentioned – only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X. As far as the

From the pages of your Discord server, Techland has in fact guaranteed that players will be able to see Dying Light 2: Stay Human in action on Xbox One very soon. The software house did not indicate a precise date, but it was promised that the appointment is scheduled by the end of January. At most, the audience will be called to wait about two weeks before they can see Dying Light 2 again at work on the base console of the past generation.

And while Techland promises five years of expansion for Dying Light 2: Stay Human, we remember that the console version of the work will also be published on Nintendo Switch, where it will come exclusively in Cloud version.

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