Dying Light 2 Between Parkour, Exploration And Combat: 15 Minutes Gameplay Again

During a live Twitch, Techland’s boys showed 15 more minutes of gameplay from the promising Dying Light 2 Stay Human, the new chapter of the survival horror open world series.

The gameplay video, which we have brought back to you in the opening, is a perfect mix of exploration, combat and interaction with the characters who will populate the game world edited by Techland.

The clip shows a mission called “A Place Called Home,” and begins at the top of an anonymous building near the heart of the city, with a discussion between Aiden and Lawan, the latter played by Rosario Dawson. Lawan wants Aiden to help restore the energy of an electric substation nearby and deliver a paragliding that allows him to exploit the ascension currents from active air intakes and navigate over the alleys haunted by zombies

Once it has reached its destination, Aiden meets the Peace Keepers, one of the factions in the run for city control. Inside the building are some puzzles to be solved to restore the current and, once the operation is completed, Aiden must decide whether to hand over the control of the station to the group of survivors of Lawan or the Peace Keepers. Both sides offer their advantages in exchange for control: Peace Keepers, for example, will install traps for explosive cars around the city in exchange for the relay keys.

Aiden then returns to a place called Fisheye, which is quickly attacked by violent raiders. Our protagonist will have to reject the attackers by exploiting a combination of parkour and paragliding skills to reach the roofs where the raiders’ rocket launchers are installed and disable them before they can bet on Fisheye.

Dying Light 2 will be released on February 8 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X Plus, PS4 and Xbox One. The title will not be further delayed as it has already entered Gold phase.

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