Dying Light 2 As Anna Karenena: Over 350,000 Words In The Script

Waiting to be able to dedicate to fighting and parkour in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland’s team offers some interesting details about the title features.

In particular, the software house wanted to highlight the work done by the team on the narrative front. As you can check in the bottom of this news, the Twitter account of Dying Light 2: Stay Human has informed the public of over 350,000 words in the title script. A very remarkable number, which, Techland continues, coincides with the narrative proposed by the classic Anna Karene. All this, adds the software house, translates into-game in about 40,000 lines of dialogue for characters part of the cast of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

From these values, it seems that Techland has decided to offer the characters part of the game a broad background in narrative terms, with a ramified script ready to translate into action on screen. In the intentions of the authors, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will have to paint an articulated and engaging virtual world, able to conquer the audience for many hours. Waiting to test the sequel adventure with hand, remember that it has been recently confirmed the postponement of the Cloud version of Dying Light 2: Stay Human for Nintendo Switch.

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