Dying Light 2 And Skill Tree: The Skills Of Fighting And Parkour In Video

In view of the latest Dying Light 2 event that will be streamed on Thursday 13 January from 9:00 pm in Italy, Techland’s kids show us some of the skills of Fighting and Parkour to unlock in the Skill Tree of their

The reveal of the double mast of Dying Light 2 upgrades between Fights and Parkour takes place with an infographic eloquent animated that reveals, precisely, the most useful skills to acquire to make less difficult

Scrolling through the video we can also admire some unpublished gameplay pieces that show the benefits offered by unlocking skills such as the inevitable Wall Running, the perfect parade, the attack to area with the use

Dying Light 2 is expected to be launched for the coming 4th February on PCs and consoles with an optimized version on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and Cloud edition to be streamed on Nintendo For further insight, here you will find 15 minutes of gameplay of Dying Light 2 between exploration and combat.

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