Dune Spice Wars: New Details On Mechanics, Factions And Maps, The Words Of Shiro Games

Surprisedly presented during the last TGA 2021, Dune: Spice Wars returns to the center of the scene thanks to a recent FAQ, published by the developers on Steam pages, which reveals some new details of the strategic based on the famous science fiction

The Shiro Games team has answered some common questions about the nature of the title. It is learned that Dune: Spice Wars is a strategic game that combines shift mechanics and real-time mechanics and includes among other things resource management and construction. The whole system has been developed from scratch and does not take back in any way the code of the previous Northgard, game with which the study has made known. Among the most important details, maps will be created procedurally with a variety of rather characteristic settings. The developers had already announced the presence of two playable factions, the Harkonnen House and the Atreides House, but at the launch there will be two other houses, while a fifth is expected for the early access phases.

The multiplayer component could not be missing, while the campaign will be launched during early access. Shiro Games then aims to introduce support to mods. Dune: Spice Wars should arrive in 2021 on PC but a future port is not excluded on other platforms.

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