Dreams, A Great New Update: Ancient Dangers And Oniric Creation 2.0 Arrive

Media Molecule is pleased to announce a new big update for Dreams: the forge of ideas available on PlayStation consoles is enriched, starting today, with the dungeon crawler Ancient Dangers mode and with a

Available exclusively in Dreams, Ancient Dangers: The story of a bat is a third-person dungeon crawler created by Media Molecule, designed to test the skills of the bravest adventurers.

Fight alone as the heroic Orca Nepheline in single player mode, or call a friend who plays in the role of the twin of Scoria, Gabbro, in local co-op mode (it still requires a connection to Try climbing the charts by fighting enemies and activating your series of Berserk attacks to accumulate a mountain of points.

Dirical creation is the name of the Dreams mode of creation. Thanks to our new model system and a reworking of the dream creation user interface, we hope this big update will help you start creating games faster, easier and more fun than ever.

The new dream creation version includes practical game models and brand new elements to create a 2D platformer, a dungeon crawler, a side-scrolling shooter, a mini golf and much more, including a model dedicated to Anci

To find out more, we recommend reading our Dreams Preview: The Dungeons, Dragons & Templates, edited by Cristina Bona.

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