Dreamcast: Peter Moore’still Angry’ With Sony And Ps2 Marketing

During the meeting moderated by Reggie Fils-Aime and attended by some of the most important protagonists of the first 20 years Xbox, there was also Peter Moore, historical figure for the videogaming industry and in particular for SEGA, Microsoft

Among the various topics discussed during the occasion, the Dreamcast, the last home console ever placed on the market by SEGA, has also appeared. The platform saw Sony’s biggest competitor in PlayStation 2, and Moore (at the time president of SEGA America) did not forget how ruthless Sony’s marketing campaign was to promote his sixth-grade console.

“The Dreamcast was ahead of its time and unfortunately did not make it in front of the upcoming PlayStation FUDing – fear, uncertainty and doubt – that has arrived. And [Sony] did it brilliantly” is what Moore said, which was said – albeit with a certain amount of irony – still angry at what happened.

FUD is therefore a term used to describe a communication strategy that can instill doubt in the minds of consumers, so that they can renounce the purchase of a product proposed by an opposing company. This was the case between PS2 and Dreamcast, with Sony console that came out largely victorious and finally became the most sold console ever to date. On our pages you will find a complete retrospective on the Dreamcast, a powerful and innovative console but also rather unfortunate.

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