Dragonborne Dx, The Announce Trailer: The Gdr Arrives On…Game Boy Color!

If in recent years, retrogaming has become the protagonist of a renewed diffusion – also thanks to the launch of the “mini consoles,” such as Nintendo Classic Mini, The C64 Minie many others, the appeal has not even been missed

Dragonborne DX, a classic turn-based RPG, has chosen to make its way no less than on Game Boy Color, is now added to the latter. Presented with the announce trailer you find in the opening to this news, the title will be made available over the next year, obviously by means of an order cartridge, compatible also with the original Game Boy. The project is based on the Spacebot Interactive development team, supported by the publisher Icube8 Games.

Dragonborne DX is just a revised and improved reissue of the original Dragonborne, now ready to come back into action with improved graphics, more structured gameplay mechanics, different bonus content and a remastered soundtrack. Overall, Dragonborne DX promises the audience about 10 hours of gameplay, to live among puzzles, dungeons, fighting and inevitable upgrades for weapons and armor.

At the moment, there is no precise release date for Dragonborne DX, whose preorders will be activated on March 30, 2022.

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