Dragon Quest X Will Offer New Characters And Adventures In The Offline Version

Although Square Enix has confirmed that Dragon Quest 10 Offline is late and will be released in summer 2022, the curiosity remains high around this new edition of the tenth chapter of the historic JRPG series, originally released in Online version in faraway 2012

Pending its debut, several new details emerge on Dragon Quest X Rise of the Five Tribes Offline, which will offer different content more than previous versions. First of all, there will be 10 guest characters who will be alongside the protagonist during his adventure. Each of these particular companions will have their own personal affair to face, and they will follow us until they have solved their problems. Many of them can also join the fights, giving us support with their attacks and skills.

The Offline version will also introduce an unreleased episode not taken up by Dragon Quest X Online: this new content is set in the continent of Ogreed of the past and we will be joined by two new characters, Garmy and a younger version of H The new adventure is very full-bodied, full of fighting and encounters along the way. It will not be the only new content, however, since the developers have also prepared a new adventure focused on the figure of the young Fifi, which is also full of action and engaging moments.

Finally, once Dragon Quest X Offline is completed, players will unlock the possibility to use the Spell of Restoration in the church: this will allow to start a game at the Online version of the game starting immediately at level 70. However, given that Dragon Quest X Online is Japanese exclusive, this mechanics would very hardly be inserted into a possible Western version of the Offline edition. In this regard, among other things, we remember that for the moment Dragon Quest 10 Offline is not confirmed for the West, although it is obviously not to be excluded that Square Enix can decide to bring the game in the future also in Europe and the United States.

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