Dragon Quest X Offline: Square Enix Unveils New Details About Jrpg’s Re-Edition

Square Enix has published interesting new information about the reissue of Dragon Quest X Offline accompanying them with new screenshots that introduce a new game environment that takes the name of Puku Land Continent.

The offline re-edition of the famous MMORPG published in 2021 is back to talk about itself thanks to the new information provided by Square Enix. The publisher has in particular revealed one of the continents of Astoltia that will act as theater for the adventures proposed in Dragon Quest X Offline: the continent of Puku Land is a territory with temperate climate governed by the Poppets, the The particular climatic conditions allow the meadows to bloom in every season so much the flowers have become the centerpiece of the culture of this land. At the center of the continent stands the Silver Hill, a hill where everything is dyed silver.

The inhabitants of these places take the name of Poppets, a people who loves to laugh and dream with a great passion for everything that is fun and a strong propensity to curiosity. Puku Land offers a wide variety of urban environments such as the capital Megistris, Pukulett Village, the Glistering Great Wild Mild, Olphea Town and much more.

The exit on the eastern market of Dragon Quest X Offline is scheduled for February 26, 2022 while it is still unclear if the game will land in the West. Waiting to know more, please note that on Everyeye pages you can find our preview of Dragon Quest X Offline.

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