Dragon Ball The Breakers What Game Is It? Here’s All The Details About The Gameplay

Let’s discover together all the details about the gameplay of Dragon Ball The Breakers, the new title of Bandai Namco that proposes an asymmetric multiplayer survival based on the manga and soul of Akira Tor

The official announcement of the new project developed by Dimps under the aegis of Bandai Namco surprised all fans of the Goku epic and comrades, especially in function of the abandonment of the dynamics of gameplay beating and roles that

The variation proposed by Dimps, therefore, embraces the survival mechanics to make us embark on a new battle against the mysterious Raider, a threat arising from a temporal fracture and endowed with a superhuman force. Each match to be played in The Breakers will assume the asymmetric formula of the multiplayer 7 versus 1, with a player who will wear the uncomfortable (but powerful) Racing and the other seven participants in the game that will be called to

For details on the playful experience and contents of this asymmetrical multiplayer set in the narrative universe of DB Xenoverse, here you will find our preview of Dragon Ball The Breakers signed by Antonello

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