Dragon Ball The Breakers In Action: 40 Minutes Gameplay For Asymmetric Multiplayer

Dragon Ball’s announcement: The Breakers came to a very surprise, bringing on the international stage a new video game of Akira Toriyama’s work.

A short distance from the first reveal, Bandai Namco has now decided to raise the curtain on what will be the structure of the production gameplay. Directly from Japan, the gaming giant has organized a live streaming dedicated to Dragon Ball: The Breakers. For the occasion, the channels of Bandai Namco hosted Eiko Kano, a well-known actor in the Levant Sun.

The latter had the chance to try out for a long time with the new multiplayer title, of which he tried the different aspects during three different matches. In two of these, Eiko Kano played a survivor, while in the second game he decided to dress up as the ruthless Cell. Overall, the actor had the opportunity to entertain Dragon Ball: The Breakers for about 40 minutes. Directly at the beginning of this news, find the replica of the live, available only in Japanese.

For players interested in trying this peculiar reinterpretation of Dragon Ball theme video games, we remind you that in a few days the Closed Beta of Dragon Ball: The Breakers, activated by Bandai Namco exclusively on PC

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