Dragon Ball The Breakers: Developers Ensure That It Won’t Be Pay To Win

While players are waiting to find out details about the next Beta of Dragon Ball The Breakers, one of the developers talked about micro-transactions and gacha mechanics, reassuring all those concerned users.

At 4Gamers’ microphones, in fact, the producer of the game Ryosuke Hara did not use half terms and confirmed that in Dragon Ball The Breakers there will be no type of mechanics Pay to Win. For those who do not know what this term means, Pay to Win is indicating a product whose micro-transactions allow to have a net advantage over the opponents and is often associated with the game games for mobile devices, especially those that do not foresee the PvP and you Many players were concerned about the possibility of acquiring skills through micro-transactions, but apparently credit card users cannot have a net advantage over their opponents. This happened in the beta because of some issues that were promptly solved by the developers and should not therefore occur again in the final product.

Waiting to learn more about the changes applied to the gameplay thanks to the feedback of the players, we remind you that on our pages you find a trial of the Beta of Dragon Ball The Breakers.

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