Dragon Age 4, Development Continues: Bioware Reassures Fans In The Dragon Age Day

In the celebrations of the community for the Dragon Age Day, the top of BioWare celebrate this anniversary by reassuring fans of the GDR with an open letter confirming their commitment to the development of Dragon Age

With a long post shared on the pages of the official Dragon Age blog, BioWare representatives thank all the lovers of saga roles for their fourth Dragon Age Day and join the celebrations to pay tribute to the creations

The BioWare team also takes advantage of the opportunity to let fans know that the subsidiary of Electronic Arts is still working to build the next, highly anticipated singleplayer experience of Dragon Age franchise.

Also about Dragon Age 4, the BioWare kids emphasize how “we are excited about next year, when we can reveal more about this project. Until then, we leave you two new short stories from the world of Dragon Age!” To listen to BioWare, therefore, there should be no surprises about Dragon Age 4 during the imminent The Game Awards 2021.

Both stories set in the universe of Dragon Age, “The Eternal Flame” by Sylvia Feketekuty and “You won’t know when” by Brianne Battye, are freely available on the official website of the series,

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