Dragon Age 4 Arrives By 2022? No Chance, According To Tom Henderson

Dragon Age’s saga has been missing from the scenes for several years now, and there are many fans who want the return of the roleplay of BioWare. According to Tom Henderson, however, it seems that the wait for the fourth chapter will still prove to be long.

The insider – notoriously one of the most reliable in circulation – has declared to have come into contact with an anonymous source close to the plans of BioWare and Electronic Arts. The confidential information shared tells us that there is no possibility that Dragon Age 4 will be published by 2022.

Unfortunately, no further details are shared, and it is unclear whether the new RPG set in Thedas will finally see the light in the next year or whether we will even have to wait until 2024. BioWare has confirmed that it will be back to update us on Dragon Age 4 in 2022, and who knows that finally something more concrete about the project is not shown.

The Canadian studio recently confirmed that Dragon Age 4 will be a game focused on single player. According to past rumors, the title has changed its identity several times over the last few years: initially born as a title with a smaller size than Dragon Age Inquisition, the role had momentarily transformed into a live service, then

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