Dr Disrespect Founds Midnight Society: Software House Works At A Pvp Multiplayer In Eu5

After protests for the eSport nominations for The Game Awards 2021, the omnipresent Dr Disrespect shared with his audience an at least unexpected announcement.

The well-known streamer has in fact announced that he has founded a new software house, officially named as the Midnight Society. Dr Disrespectoc plays the role of Co-Fondator, supported by Robert Bowling colleagues, with the title of Co-Fondator and Studio Head, Quinn DelHoyo, Co-Fondator and Creative Director As easily intuitable from Dr Disrespect’s previous experiences, the software house will have a specific focus on competitive multiplayer productions.

Specifically, Midnight Society reveals, the team is already working on a new PvP multiplayer game, developed through the use of the promising Unreal Engine 5, seen recently in action in the incredible experience offered by The Matrix Awa

No further details on the project were shared by Dr Disrespect and the official Midnight Society channels, which should – at least presumably – be in the very early stages of implementation. Are you curious to know more?

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