Dr Disrespect ‘Forgotten’ By Esports Awards 2021: The Streamer Jumps On Social Media

Not enough to sue Dr Disrespect on EA’s blacklist, the famous streamer finds time to jump against the organizers of the eSports Awards 2021 for his failure to participate in the show after Tw’s departure

Dr Disrespect’s thorny ban issue from Twitch costs the well-known content creator the lack of participation in the eSports Awards 2021, the video game event that rewards every year pro players, coaches

According to YouTube star, the “pome of discord” is represented by the passage of the eSports Awards ceremony on Twitch. In dealing with the theme in one of its latest streaming, Dr Disrespect argued that “in the past there has always been a good feeling with eSports Awards. But in this last event they didn’t even deserve to mention the Doc. They didn’t even mention me in any social media posts, nothing at all. I mean, in the first year I was completely forgotten, and now it’s happening again…”

As the journalists of Dexerto pointed out, the Twitch regulation prohibits those who organize events on their streaming platform from promoting activities that involve creators of banned content. For Dr Disrespect, however, the blame for this self-described “censura” is the organizers of the eSports Awards: “They didn’t involve me in any way! As far as I am concerned, their credibility is…” avoiding continuing to talk about not being achieved by further sanctions.

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