Dr Disrespect Defamed Because Of The Ban? Ea Put Him On The Blacklist

The news of Dr Disrespect’s permanent ban from Twitch may seem old, but for the influencer, who has in the meantime migrated to YouTube, the wound is still fresh.

Although Dr Disrespect claims to know them, the real reasons that led Twitch to the final removal have not yet been made public. Since June 2020, the month when the incident happened, there have been several developments: the influencer, after the initial fury, had to face before problems of anxiety and then cash a hard blow to its finances, since

The scrambles, apparently, have not yet exhausted. During a 12th broadcast, Dr Disrespect claimed that he was blacklisted by Electronic Arts because of the bad name that would surround him since he was banned. “Champions, I’m on EA’s shadowban list. There, I said it. I was quietly banned by EA.”

After that, he elaborated his thought by claiming that he felt like a victim of defamation and that he was not considered for the launch of Battlefield 2042: “It’s amazing, we had to deal with so much defamation because of the ban. First of all, we weren’t involved in the launch of Battlefield 2042. EA, don’t be pathetic, it’s been a year and drunk.”

It must be said, in any case, that this is not preventing Dr Disrespect from playing the company’s titles, since both Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends continue to be in his schedule.

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