Dozens Of Video Games Banned From Streaming Platforms In China? Let’s Make It Clear

In recent days has published a report revealing how dozens of video games have been banned in China by the BiliBili streaming platform due to the high rate of violence. In fact, this is not exactly the case, as pointed out by Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners.

The list of games banned from streaming broadcasts in China includes titles such as Sleeping Dogs, Outlast, Yakuza, The Elder Scrolls, Dead Space, Dark Souls, Back 4 Blood, Hit

In fact, as Ahmad points out, many of these titles have been banned in the country for at least ten years not because of the violence rate (there are also games not too violent as Tomb Raider, for example) but because of the lack of rights agreements for

In China, each game must be accompanied by a sales and broadcast license, but streaming rights are rarely considered by developers and publishers and therefore it is impossible to play streaming with titles that do not have the necessary permissions.

It is also true that eight “new” games have been banned from Chinese streaming sites, including Back 4 Blood and the reasons for this can be many, including violent content, political content or in general uncomfortable and not suitable for direct transmission to

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