Doom 2 Played In Vr By A Rat: Here Is The Video Of The Unusual Scientific Research

Inspired by the results of colleagues who managed to play the pigs at Pong, neuroengineer Viktor Toth conducted a parallel research on animal intelligence that saw three rats as protagonists and a special version of DOOM 2.

The expert in techniques to interact, cure, replace and improve the functionality of the nervous system has thus decided to design a device that could offer its team of researchers the opportunity to train and give orders to rodents.

To succeed in his aim, Dr. Toth has built an elaborate mechanical device that hybridizes trackballs to devices for Virtual Reality: placing a mouse over the reengineered trackball that acts as controller (insuring them with

The video game used for this experiment is DOOM 2, the masterpiece shooter launched in 1994 by ID Software, a choice dictated by its “simplicity” of the graphics of the levels and the movement system. The first results of these tests are encouraging and, in some ways, even surprising, considering the relative ease with which the rodent can orient himself in the scenario and find the way to continue the level. The next step in the research carried out by the neuroengineer and his team will be to make the “simil-VR” input system more comfortable to allow the three rats to acquire the skills needed to shoot down enemies using the weapons of the Doom Gu

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