Doom 2 Fills With Nft Monkeys With The Latest Hack Criticizing Blockchains

While the protest for Ubisoft Quartz is being mounted on the net and the NFTs of the authors of STALKER 2 are being discussed, the Ultra modder decides to take a stand on the growing blockchain phenomenon by launching an expansion fan

In controversy with the activities that are involving an increasing number of companies and developers in the topic of video games based on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the independent programmer has decided to publish a total conversion of Doom that upsets

Once the free mod has been installed, the emuli of the Doom Guy can go down into battle and stem, albeit only metaphorically, the advance of the Non-Fungible Token facing an army of Bored Apes, the monkeys-

With this free expansion that is quickly climbing the rankings of the most downloaded mods on the famous portal of ModDB, the intent of Ultra.Boi is therefore to sarcasticly reverse the concept of uniqueness or digital scarcity on which it is

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