Does Sony Increase Ps4 Production To Cope With The Low Availability Of Ps5?

More than 12 months after launching in stores, PlayStation 5 is still hard to find, production chains work at low speed due to chip crisis and therefore have constant supplies for PS5 (but the same applies to high-end GPUs and Xboxes).

According to a Bloomberg report, Sony would be thinking of increasing the production of the old PlayStation 4 to compensate for the production problems of PS5. No announcements have ever come about the end of the production of the old-gen console (at least as far as the Slim model is concerned, since PS4 PRO has been out of production for some time) but according to the report by Takashi Mochizu

The strategy, strange as it may seem, is to provide an economic alternative for consumers, keep the PlayStation brand on the market and at the same time remain in excellent relations with Asian suppliers. Add us, at this point it could be possible to even a price cut to reposition PS4 on the market, the console is sold to 299 euros of list, a figure not certain economic to date considering that at the same price you can buy Xbox Series S

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