Does God Of War Pc With Fsr On Amd Rtx 6800 Xt Reach 60Fps? All Details

The PC version of God of War is close to the world. Santa Monica Studios has previously spread the system requirements for God of War PC, and now AMD has unveiled the performance of the game using its GPUs.

It emerges that God of War approaches 60fps (57fps to be exact) using an AMD RX 6800 XT with FideltyFX Super Resolution active on the Ultra Quality preset. The mouse and keyboard edition of the famous titles originally released on PlayStation 4 in 2018 will also enjoy improved effects in terms of lights, shadows, environmental occlusion and visual effects such as fog and reflections. However, the results achieved have raised some concerns among users on social media such as Reddit, about the achieved performances that do not reach 60fps precise despite the use of sophisticated AMD technology.

However, there is little time to go before the release of the new version, available from next 14 January 2022 both on Steam and on Epic Games Store. We recall in this regard that Santa Monica is not realizing the porting PC of God of War: to deal with it is in fact Jetpack Interactive, Canadian studio known for having in the past collaborated with Bandai Namco for the realization of the PC edition

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