Does Elden Ring Support Cross-Play Between Pc, Playstation And Xbox?

As we know, Elden Ring will have some online multiplayer modes that are quite similar to those seen in Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

After having already tried multiplayer modes during the November 2021 network test, there are many players who wonder if Elden Ring will support cross-play and cross-platform functionality to launch. Unfortunately, we can confirm that Elden Ring will not support cross-platform functionality between PC and console, or between consoles of different families, as already stated in the past by From Software itself.

Although you will not be able to enjoy the new RPG Soulslike with all other fans without any hardware boundary, PlayStation 4 players will still be able to play with PlayStation 5 users, with the same valid speech also between Xbox One and X users At the moment, it is not allowed to know if things will change after the game debut, but it is still unlikely to see the introduction of a complete cross-platform multiplayer system.

While waiting to finally get your hands on the new title of From Software we recommend you to take a look at our special video about Godfrey’s character in Elden Ring, written by the Japanese development team in collaboration with George R.

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