DIY Tie-Dye – How to Do a DIY Tie-Dye

Another fashion blast from the past has taken over everyone’s feed and this time it’s the 90s.

I am here for tie-dye because it is having a big moment. I decided to do a little Tie-Dye to relive some childhood memories. I picked up an inexpensive tie-dye kit and got creative.

I plan on using the kit again because it has lots of supplies for multiple projects.

Start With A Clean Slate

Medium-wash denim was what I decided to use. The first step was soaking those shorts in bleach tie dye yoga clothes to make sure they popped.

I gave them a solution of bleach and water. They only had a small amount of denim coloring left in the morning. I washed the shorts and made sure there was no bleach in them. The fun part was about to begin.

I wanted the pattern for the dye to be different. I sectioned the shorts off with rubber bands, which were included in the tie-dye kit. I did the dying process outside so I wouldn’t make a mess.

The dyes were in their own bottles with the kit. I just filled them with water and shook them to mix and go. This made it very easy. There were several pairs of gloves in the kit.

Should Have Remembered Art Class

Do not start with your lightest color.

I wanted the shorts to be bright colors. I ended up with a mixture of blue, purple and lime green. I don’t love how they turned out, but it’s not what I intended.

I blame the order I applied the dye.

I started with a blue dye and it bled into the other sections. Things had taken a blue tint by the time I finished with the other two parts.

The colors might have stayed true if I had started with yellow and saved blue for last. The sections would have already been saturated with dye.

And For The Big Finish

The instructions on the kit said to let the dye sit for a while.

Sometimes I don’t time things well. The shorts were dying before I began. I would have washed the shorts at midnight if I had followed the directions.

So, I left them to sit overnight.

And it was fine.

The water was almost clear when I washed them. I went further than the instructions on the kit. I used to tie-dye as a kid, but it didn’t come out in the wash. I did a quick search on the internet and found the directions.

I plan on washing them separately a few times before I throw them in the laundry to make sure they are safe. I like tie-dye but I don’t want the rest of my wardrobe to copy it.

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