Disstant Worlds 2: The Sci-Fi Strategy Has A Date Of Exit

The event in streaming Home of Wargames Live was the opportunity to receive new updates on Distant Worlds 2, second chapter of the strategic and management 4X sci-fi series coming exclusively on PC. And in that regard, Slitherine revealed the official release date for the game.

Distant Worlds 2 will be available from March 10, 2022: PC strategy enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the new space adventure that promises to improve what they have seen in the first chapter released in 2010. The new title offers several playable factions with which to colonize the more than 2000 solar systems and their planets present within a huge game map. Users will be able to choose the approaches they consider most appropriate to conquer new lands, whether diplomacy or force.

The presence of thousands of systems also guarantees a longevity that looks high, with a replayability assured also by the presence of a full-bodied editor that will allow to modify to liking the game, adding or removing planets, space stations, ships and also creates Waiting to get your hands on the promising sci-fi strategy, don’t miss the evolution of the strategy according to Slitherine, who also reveals interesting behind-the-scenes on the game coming next March.

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