Dino Crisis: Do You Still Dream Of Remake? Here’s A Spectacular Queen In Unreal Engine 5

In recent years, the rumors about a remake of Dino Crisis for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have spread steadily but never materialized. Capcom has never started work on the return of the beloved franchise horror based on dinosaurs, and there seems to be nothing concrete on the horizon.

A lover of the series then imagined how Regina, the protagonist of the series, could be in a remake made in Unreal Engine 5. On his own page ArtStation, Thai artist Mike Wilson, professional developer of video games and character designer, shared some shots of his modern reinterpretation of Regina, leaving stucco for the enormous care put in the

To recreate it, Wilson based on the polygonal models of Leon, Claire, Jill and Carlos seen in the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, so as to make it as close as possible to the official productions of Capcom Obviously the artist’s work is to be understood solely for portfolio reasons, and there is no plan to recreate other characters or scenarios of Dino Crisis.

In any case, reimagining Capcom productions is now a custom: have you seen the amateur remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica coming out in 2022?

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