Digimon Survival, The Date Of The Upcoming Release?

After the bad news of the postponement of Digimon Survive to 2022, the new game focused on Digi-World has been talked little and still lacks a specific date of release for the title originally announced in 2018 but repeatedly postponed in the following years. Something could be moving soon though.

The ESRB, the American rating board, has classified the work signed Bandai Namco, a move that would allow us to understand that it could soon be revealed when it will be possible to play the next video play adventure of Digimon, expected on PC, PS4, Xbox Series X/S is also mentioned among the available platforms, although it is highly likely that it is the version in retrocompatibility since a native edition for Microsoft’s next-gen console (as well as for PS5) has never been announced.

The classification agency assigned a “T” (Teen) to the title, citing fantasy violence, dark language and moderate blood presence among the contents of the production, thus addressed to an audience by the teenagers up. The Digimon Survival description provided by the ESRB finally speaks of a visual novel with elements from strategic RPG rounds where to use the Digimon in combat, while following the story of a group of Japanese boys lost in a world

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