Did Days Gone Really Sell More Than Ghost Of Tsushima? Maybe Not

Jeff Ross, former creative director at Sony Bend, recently said that Days Gone sold more than Ghost of Tsushima, exceeding 8 million copies placed globally. The figure indicated by the author, however, may not correspond exactly to the open world sales performance set in Oregon.

During the podcast held by David Jeffe, creator of Twisted Metal and God of War, Ross revealed that he had entrusted Gamestat to obtain the sales numbers of Days Gone. The portal in question is based on a system of tracking the trophies obtained by users to calculate approximately the playerbase of each title.

It follows that the copies used, the PS Plus versions and the rentals made by users all contribute to the figure indicated by Jeff Ross. The real number of sales is probably lower, and this would explain why Sony decided to celebrate the 8 million copies of Ghost of Tsushima and not those of the Bend Studio title.

Whatever the exact figure, Sony has in fact considered Days Gone a disappointment, according to Jeff Ross, and a sequel dedicated to Deacon St. John has now been set aside by the Japanese company. Bend Studio is now engaged in the development of its new open world IP.

Ross also suggested that CD Projekt RED was interested in Days Gone for a potential acquisition of brand rights or for hypothetical collaboration with PlayStation Studios.

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