Diablo 4, How Is The Development Going? Video Gameplay And Details About Endgame And Objects

With the first quarterly report published after the arrival of the new Game Director of Diablo 4, Blizzard shares new gameplay scenes and many details about the Objects System.

In discussing the work carried out in recent months by the US software house, the Chief Designer of Diablo IV Systems Joe Piepiora has deepened two important functions of the kolossal action GDR, namely the updates made to the System of Objects and to the

The information snapped by the exponent of Blizzard is really many: it starts from the confirmation of the return of the Affixes for the increase of the levels of skill of the objects, and then space to the Legendary and Unique equipments The new Legendaries and Uniques of Diablo 4 will differ from the previous ones for their possibility of appearing in different types of equipment: the new legendary powers, therefore, will appear in several types of weapons, objects and armor, thus guaranteeing greater

Speaking of endgame, Blizzard invites future explorers of Sanctuarium to use the Occultist to extract legendary powers from objects and crystallize their Essence to implant it in other equipment. In the Diembrino report on the development of Diablo 4, Blizzard also discusses the interventions involving the Excellence Board, a feature that will offer more control in the customization of the configurations of its own character class.

The Excellence Board, in this case, comes into operation when reaching Level 50 and operates through the unlocking of fixed dowels with the acquisition of experience points, with benefits that will extend to each statistic of the character according to the level of rare The operation of this particular endgame progression mechanics, which will operate in parallel and complementary to the “classics” Glifi and Castoni of enhancement of objects, will be deepened in the next updates on the development of Diablo 4.

Meanwhile, Blizzard urges fans to admire unpublished gameplay scenes from the pre-Alpha version of the Kolossal Action GDR output on PC and console not before the second half of 2022 (at will To learn more about the free roaming experience promised by exploring the dark realm of Sanctuarium, we recommend you read our special on Diablo 4 and the new features of the open world.

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