Deviation Games: The Exclusive Ps5 Is Not In Production, Does It Belong To A Famous Ip?

Last summer, the partnership between Sony and Deviation Games was officially established for the creation of an exclusive PlayStation that has not yet been fully updated and, over the last few hours, has emerged thanks to the founder of the software house some details

The official YouTube channel of Deviation Games has in fact welcomed a new film during the evening in which also intervenes one of the founders of the company, namely Jason Blundell. The video in question is nothing more than a virtual walk with the developers, who during the film chat with the community about what they are doing and who did in 2021. One of the most interesting details emerging from this content is the exclusive PlayStation, since thanks to the words of Blundell we can find that the game has not yet entered production, a development phase that will only start next year. It is likely that it will take a long time before Sony and Deviation Games reveal something more to the public. What is curious is another sentence, however, since according to the developer it will be impossible not to recognize what game is looking at a screenshot. It would appear that the title belongs to a successful IP.

For those who did not know, Jason Blundell is a veteran of the video game industry and has collaborated for years with Treyarch: it is in fact one of the main faces that have given life to the Zombies mode of Call of Duty,

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