Destiny 2 The Queen Of Whispers: Raid Date, Loot Changes And Dungeon Cuts

A week after the publication of the short teaser dedicated to the Tronomund of Savathun, Bungie updated its official website with the latest Bungie House Weekly with some of the big changes coming to the day one of Desti

First of all, the post confirms what will be the launch date of the next raid, whose name is still a mystery because of the possible spoilers on the main one of the expansion. The date to be marked on the calendar is March 5, 2022, since the Raid of the new DLC will unlock at 7:00 pm of the Italian time zone. In the blog it is also specified that the new minimum level of power of the equipment will go to 1350 and the cap of the first season of the new year will be increased to 1560.

As for the equipment, Bungie decided to reduce significantly the number of blue engrams, which can only be found inside the boxes in Patrol mode or defeating enemies: this means that the rewards of the playlists will be only Even the Armaiolo will undergo some modifications and Telemetries and Components of the weapons will no longer be used (run to use them all before it is too late). According to the development team, the mods can be bought with lumens and to increase the reputation of the Armaiolo will simply disassemble legendary armament or complete its daily sizes.

As for the dungeons, with the arrival of the new DLC will be cut from the game the missions Harbinger and Presage, that is those that allow to add to the inventor exotic oils Moon Falcon and Story of These two exotics will continue to get with random perk from Xur, which will sell them every week.

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