Destiny 2, Still No Osiris Evidence: New Referral Due To A Bug

The publication of the latest expansion of the ski-fi adventure of Bungie house introduced the mysterious power of the Stasi in Destiny 2, with a consequent expansion of the rich lore of the title.

The implementation of Beyond The Light required a deep maintenance process of the game and servers, including a decommissioning of servers that lasted about 12 hours. Later, the contents of Destiny 2 gradually returned to the market, although with some exceptions. The Osiris trials, in particular, should have been accessible during the day of Friday, November 27. Unfortunately, the Bungie team felt it was appropriate to postpone the appointment once again.

The official Twitter account of Bungie support is communicated by means of the tweet you find at the bottom of this news. “Because of a recently discovered technical problem – says the Tweet – the Osiris trials have been disabled for this week. We are working to determine how much they can come back available.” An unexpected bug seems to have compromised the possibility of letting Guardians and Guardians access the challenging challenges.

Waiting to learn more, players can dedicate themselves to the new Raid of the Pietrafonda Crypt, which leads users to the depths of Europe, below the freezing surface of the satellite.

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