Destiny 2 And The Event For The 30 Years Of Bungie: All The News Between Dlc And Free Activities

The celebrations for the 30 years of Bungie cross Destiny 2 and involve all the Kolossal Guardians shooter with many surprises related to special packages, free activities and beneficial initiatives.

The independent software house celebrates three decades of activity, inviting all Destiny 2 fans to engage in a series of special activities and embrace challenges to be carried out both in the free exploration of the Solar System and in the multiplayer arenas of the

The free content for Bungie’s 30th birthday includes a new activity with matchmaking to six players, hidden secrets to unveil and many rewards to collect. From today, Tuesday, December 7th, you can buy the Destiny 2:30 Years of Bungie, which allows the Guardians to enter the new secret inspired by the Boots Caverns of the Cosmodrome to make a

The additional package for the 30 years of Bungie includes Myth’s Spadone, Destiny 1’s Legendary Arms, Aculeo-themed Armor, Gjallarcelere’s Exotic Astore, Deco The representatives of the Bungie Foundation also organised the third annual Game2Give fundraising campaign, which, with the help of players from all over the world, collects money to improve children’s health and well-being, humanitarian aid and charitable activities focused on

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