Deep Rock Galactic For Free With Ps Plus: Features Of The Ps5 Version

Among the free PlayStation Plus games of January 2022 there is also a welcome surprise for all PlayStation users: the FPS cooperative Deep Rock Galactic, already available on PC and Xbox, officially lands on consoles

For all subscribers to the service it is therefore a great opportunity to experience the work done by the Danish boys of Ghost Ship Games, who immediately explained the features that will compose the new version included in the PS Plus. First, developers confirm that Deep Rock Galactic will be available on both PlayStation 5 and PS4, offering some exclusive features for the next-gen version of the game. On PS5 you can use the DualSense touchpad to control the Terrain Scanner, while via the microphone embedded in the controller an entry will keep us updated on the orders to follow on each mission.

However, no mention was made of the other features of DualSense, such as aptic feedback and adaptive triggers. However, from January 4th, PlayStation players will be able to collaborate with each other on maps generated procedurally and completely destructive, while facing fearsome alien creatures. Finally, in addition to Deep Rock Galactic, in January Persona 5 Strikers and DiRT 5 will be available for free for all subscribers to the PlayStation Plus.

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