Decentraland X Samsung 837X: Metaverse Expands With The Huge Space Filled With Nft

In the media setting of CES 2022 that saw Samsung marry the blockchains with support for the NFTs on the latest generation TVs, the top tens of Decentraland celebrated the entry into their Metaverso of 837X, a huge space

In presenting 837X, the South Korean tech giant describes this new digital batch of Decentraland as a creative Hub that allows its guests to “take a journey where technology combines art, fashion, music and environmental sustainability.”

Samsung’s debut in the NFT Metaverse of Decentraland records is accompanied by the opening of a virtual structure that will exhibit works in an interactive path full of missions to be completed to obtain celebratory badges from resells

The virtual complex of Samsung 837X includes three exhibitions: Connectivity Theater allows guests to learn about the latest products and research conducted by the hi-tech multinational, Sustainability Forest supports the activities of reforestation promoted

Samsung 837X’s doors will remain open in the Decentraland Metaverse for a limited period of time: South Korean company intends to promote its NFT vision by bringing this virtual space into new Blockcha-based Multiverses in the future In this regard, we invite you to read this special of ours about blockchains and video games with NFT.

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