Decentraland: Metaverse Of Records Continues To Grow, Here Are The Successes Of 2021

The exponential growth of The Sandbox and other blockchain-based videogame Metaverses is obviously also involving Decentraland. The developers of the decentralised virtual platform celebrate the new year with an infographic that testifies, precisely, the incredible evolution of the title.

2021 of Decentraland was to say the least exceptional, judging by the data shared by the managers of this digital microcosm based on the cryptocurrencies and blockchains of Ethereum. From 2020 to 2021, for example, the unique visitors and active users of Decentraland have increased from almost 619 thousand to 8 and a half million, with an increase of 1300%.

The dizzying increase in the number of users connected to the Metaverse NFT of Decentraland has created a turnover of 88,5 million dollars, with 2480 new “landowners” of a dimension that already counts 49,623 virtual maps

With these premises, it is easy to assume that growth is equally sustained for Decentraland and other blockchain-based videogame projects throughout 2022. Meanwhile, we invite you to read this in-depth analysis of the highest value cryptocurrencies of 2021, with a ranking of Decentraland in seventh position with about 4,000% of value gained over the last year by its cryptocurrency MAN

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