Decentraland: How Much Is A Mana Worth To Spend In The Metaverse?

As we have recently revealed to you, Decentraland is having a huge success thanks to the increasing spread of Metaversi and blockchain based products. But how much does the currency needed to make purchases within this world cost?

The currency of Decentraland is called Mana, which is nothing more than an Ethereum token with which users can make transactions within the Metaverse. Among the possible purchases in Decentraland we find that of virtual terrain, although in the game you can also take other types of good always by spending the Mana. Before proceeding with an investment in the game, however, it would be good to inquire and understand the value of this virtual currency to better understand what the actual cost of whatever good you are about to buy.

The value of a single Mana unit has a value of 2.92 euros. However, it should be pointed out that this value is constantly becoming, since market developments vary several times on the same day. It is enough to observe the value had in the past by Mana to notice that there was a peak of 5.27 euros between November and December 2021 and then to decrease again and, between highs and lows, to stabilize on about 3 euros.

Have you already looked at all the records set by Decentraland over the course of last year?

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