Decentraland: How Much Is A Land In The Metaverse?

Just a few days ago we proposed a deepening on what is the current value of MANA, that is the currency around which the increasingly popular Metaverso of Decentraland rotates. Today we will instead discover the price of land, one of the most desired objects by the users of the platform.

In this Metaverse, players are given the opportunity to buy assets, including pieces of digital land and to resell them or auction them on Ethereum network. The game map is actually attributable to a grid and on the official marketplace of the game there is a page dedicated exclusively to the land for sale, which are divided into Parcel and Summer: the first are single lots and usually have a lower price because of the reduced size, the second

While we are writing this in-depth on the price of land in Decentraland, the Parcel with the lowest price for sale is 4288 MANA, a figure that corresponds to 13936 dollars according to the current quote of a single token, that is, $3.25 It should be pointed out, however, that the market is constantly developing and in the coming days the minimum cost of a virtual land in the Metaverse could be increased to an extent that collapses. It is no coincidence that in our last review the lowest price was 3447 MANA, although the value of the coin was higher and therefore the figures in dollars very close.

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