Deathloop, Metroid And Return Among The Favorite 2021 Games By Naughty Dog Team

Not only hard work, Naughty Dog’s boys found in 2021 also the free time to play some video games and in a post posted on the company’s official blog the team takes advantage to unveil what were their favorite games of the year

For example, Vice President Christian Gyrling loves Bugsnax, a title that he was able to play with pleasure along with his 7-year-old daughter, Deathloop is instead the favorite game of Game Director Matthew Gallant, of Development Director

The Game Director Anthony Newman instead appreciates Fortnite Chapter 3 while QA Director Patrick Goss admits to having been conquered by Frostpunk because of the setting and the mechanics by city builders. Character Art Director Ashley Swidowski has played a lot with The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes, other studio figures also quote Incryption, It Takes Two (winner

The studio is a very varied taste for the Naughty Dog team, taking advantage of the opportunity to wish players a happy new year, and returning to 2022 for interesting news. Neil Drukmann is working on a mysterious game… will we know more about next year?

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