Deathloop: Mark Cerny Wins The Platinum On Ps5 And Thanks Arkane For The Experience

Deathloop returns to the center of the scene thanks to Mark Cerny’s surgery. The hardware designer at PlayStation 5 has demonstrated on Twitter his appreciation for Arkane’s last effort by publishing a post for Platinum achievement.

Mark Cerny is not new to such events: the long videogaming career of engineer Sony is not only dotted with the design of the famous PlayStation consoles but also with the completion of many games. In the past Cerny has shown to appreciate a wide variety of games including Demon’s Souls, Returnal and Cuphead, winning for each of them the whole list of trophies. Today, Deathloop, the acclaimed FPS, has been added to the victorious catalogue. Cerny himself posted a post on Twitter to celebrate the event, providing feedback on the experience he had experienced: “So original…and so full of style, he really deserved the Best Game Direction award to the TGAs. Thank you Arkane!”

In short, the long list of awards and appreciations received by Deathloop is also added to the thanks of Mark Cerny. Before leaving, please note that on Everyeye’s pages you can find our review of Deathloop.

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