Deathloop: Director Dinga Bakaba Promoted To Leader Of Arkane Lyon

Dinga Bakaba, game designer like Dishonored 2, Wolfenstein Youngblood and the latest Deathloop, is the new leader of Arkane Lyon. The author’s promotion was officially announced today but it had already materialized in October, when Romuald Capron left the post at the French software house.

Bakaba has at the same time maintained his position as creative co-director of Arkane Lyon, a role he shares with artistic director of Sebastien Mitton. The new head of the Arkane Lyon studio originally landed in the company’s ranks in November 2010. Since then he has made an important contribution to the development of some of Arkane’s most acclaimed titles, including Dishonored and DLC annexes (designer and producer), Dishonored 2 (lead designer), Dishonored:

Bakaba has confirmed itself as one of the most interesting creatives of the videogaming scene with Deathloop, shooter based on paradoxes and temporal loops that has been able to innovate in an original and surprising way the already well-rounded game formula already experienced We take this opportunity to refer you to our Deathloop Review and find out all about Arkane Lyon’s latest effort, now available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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